Price List

Brigita Baamran

Highly qualified Permanent make-up and Microblading professional.


Microblading (strokes technique) £230
Microblading +Shading (combination of strokes and ombre shading) £230
Eyeliner £180
Eyeliner with shading (powder effect/ombre on eyelids) £190
Eyebrow ombre/shading/full colour from £230
Lips Permanent make-up (blush or ombre colour) £230
Eyeliner/lips/eyebrow touch-up after 1-3 months £60
Eyeliner/lips/eyebrow touch-up after 4-8 months £80
Touch-up after 1 year from £100
Touch-up after 1.5 - 2 years Full treatment price
Touch-up if 1st treatment was done by another artist from From £80 to £215 (please consult prior booking)
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