1. Firstly, after greeting and a cup of tea Client is invited for a consultation. Allergies patch test is performed prior the treatment. Clients are asked to fill in consultation forms which contain some questions about their medical history. All information provided during consultation is strictly confident.

2. Prior the treatment, Master discusses shape and colour with Client. Master always draws eyebrows sketch on Client’s face prior the actual treatment. Master uses a number of tools to measure and draw a perfect eyebrows shape for each individual Client. It is not a secret that perfect is what is the most suitable for a specific face shape and personality :). In our salon we care a lot about Client’s wishes and opinions and we always ask Clients opinion to make sure they are happy about eyebrows/lips shape, colour and other details.

3. Step number 3 is the actual treatment. We use pre-numbing so Clients feel as minimal discomfort as possible. For our treatments we use only single-use (disposable) tools and needles. Treatment area is cleaned and desinfected after each Client to maintain healthy environment for our Clients.

4. After the treatment Client is provided with detailed after-care instructions and after-care oitment. Clients are adviced  to book treatment follow-up in advance.