The deposit to book an appointment is £30. It is taken off the total treatment price on the day of the treatment.

Deposit is refundable if the client informs at least 24 hours before her/his appointment. However, the deposit is not refundable if the client is 25 minutes (or more) late for her/his appointment.

Running Late

If a client is running late 25 minutes or more, her/his appointment is automatically cancelled, and the deposit is not refunded. In case of being 25 or more minutes late, appointment can be rescheduled.

However, if a client runs 25 or more minutes late 3 times in a sequence for her/his appointments, the client is removed from the clients’ lists and is not accepted for any future treatments at Bridget Beauty Ltd.

Policies Regarding Covid-19 Pandemic

Treatment must be postponed if a client has any symptoms of cold, cough, flu, virus, etc.

A client must bring her/his face mask to the appointment and must wear it throughout the treatment (exception is only for lip treatments)

A client must come alone without friends or family members (the only exception is in case of reduced mobility or disabilities or translator, etc)

No children are allowed into the treatment area or reception area (anyone under 18 years old)

As minimum belongings as possible, please.

Must wash hands before treatment or disinfect with alcohol gel

Treatments should not be done two weeks before and two weeks after the Covid-19 vaccination as delayed reaction to Covid-19 vaccine are possible. Please plan your treatment date accordingly.