Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions? Find your answers below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions? Find your answers below.

What is SPMU or PMU?

Abbreviation SPMU stands for Semi-permanent makeup and PMU stands for permanent makeup.

What is difference between SPMU and Microblading?

Microblading is a manual technique that uses pen-like tool to draw hair-like strokes while SPMU uses electronic device and can be used for eyebrows ombre/powder technique, machine brow strokes, lips and eyeliner treatments. Each of them can achieve natural looking results.

What are the contraindications?

Microblading or usual permanent make-up cannot be performed if the Client is pregnant, has diabetes, acne, extreme skin sebum case, allergy to anaesthesia or pigments, HIV, hepatitis and in some other conditions. Please consult the specialist for more details before the treatment.  Exclusive consultations are given for Clients who are using acne medication, are suffering from infectious diseases or have other high-risk diseases.

Is Microblading 6D or SPMU (semi-permanent makeup) treatment painful?

Anaesthesia/numbing cream is applied before and during the treatment so discomfort is as minimal as possible.

I have had face permanent makeup/tattoo/Microblading before? Will you be able to fix it or work on old work?

Please book a consultation or at least send Brigita Baamran a clear photo of your previous semi-permanent makeup work a few days before your treatment to be able to determine if she can work over the old tattoo brows/lips/eyeliner/microblading. Consultation is highly recommended if coming for a first time to Brigita or her assistant.

Can my relative, friend or child come with me to the treatment room?

If you brought a relative/friend who came with you they will need to wait in reception waiting area because only person who is having treatment is allowed to enter treatment room. Please do not bring children with you as we do not have children facilities in the clinic.

What is difference between Microblading & Nanoblading?

Nanoblading uses nano blades which are 0.15 – 0.16mm thickness in comparison to Microblading blades which are 0.18mm or thicker. However, both Microblading and Nanoblading are Hyperrealistic eyebrow techniques that imitate real eyebrow hair.

How long does result last?

Result of Semi-permanent makeup or Microblading lasts around 1-3 years. However, it highly dependable on your skin qualities as it usually fades sooner on oily skin types or if exposed to sun or having regular skin peels,etc. Yearly top-ups are required to maintain colour.

Do you use tattoo machine in your work?

We never uses tattoo machine at her work. What we can use is Semi-Permanent makeup device which is designed for semi-permanent makeup treatments specifically.

Do you use blades in Microblading?

Though It is called “Microblading” we don’t use actual “blades”. We use needles which are joined in one line and are approximately 3 times thinner that traditional permanent make-up needles therefore hypernatural strokes effect can be achieved.

Am I be able to see my eyebrows shape before the actual treatment?

Yes, you are. Before the treatment we consult the Clients and what eyebrow shape they would like to have. We always draw eyebrow shape for Client to see before the actual treatment.

What pre-care aftercare should be applied?

Please press and read here regarding pre-care and after-care

Can I have it done if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Strictly no as liability insurance does not cover such cases.

What should I know before the treatment?

1 day before the treatment and on the treatment day we recommend to avoid alcohol and coffee. For more information please see here 

Is a touch-up required?

During the healing process the lymphatic system is trying to push out all external particles to prevent contamination – skin is healing.  That explains why the colour implanted the first time is not perfect after healing.  Therefore 1 or sometimes more follow-up (touch-up) treatments are required depending on skin qualities. Touch-up treatments can be booked online as well as messaging Brigita.

Can I have it done unlimited number of times?

Performed in a safe manner permanent-up can be re-touched and top-up many times. However we recommend to stop having treatments done after 6-8 times because after many times skin does not absorb pigment so well any more. Technician can also reject client at any time if she sees that client is not suitable for treatment or he/she does not follow correct after-care advised.

How long Microblading 6D or SPMU/PMU stays in skin?

Usually, clients come back for touch-up once a year. Colour becomes visibly lighter after 1-1,5 years, therefore, regular touch-ups are needed. Colour, if touch-up was not performed, fades away in 2-4 years after Microblading 6D treatment and in about 3-4 years after usual semi-permanent make-up. SPMU or Microblading

Are Microblading and permanent/semi-permanent treatments safe?

Brigita Baamran and assistant treatments are completely safe because they are performed in a Medical Clinic environment and uses only disposable (single use) needles and blades. Brigita and her assistant are fully-qualified technicians.

Is it possible that my eyebrows will get blue or any other wrong and hard to fix colour?

In our work we use highest quality, natural composition American brand pigments which do NOT turn into blue/green colous over time.

From what age can I have Microblading or SPMU done?

 Strictly 18 years and over